About Emma

I’m a part-time student at Birkbeck, studying for an MSc in Gender, Sexuality and Society. Besides cultural and critical disability studies, I’m interested in gender geography, the intersectionality of race/gender/class, fat studies,  and the relationship between craft and femininity.

My interest in disabilities studies is unashamedly personal, as I developed fibromyalgia during my undergraduate degree. I’m particularly interested – as this study no doubt indicates – in how disability affects sexual identity and sexuality; I take the view that just as the hegemonic discourse relies on compulsory heterosexuality, it is also built on compulsory able-bodiedness; non-heteronormative disabled people are doubly silenced by this.

Besides my studies, my personal interests include knitting, sewing my own clothes, wrangling my greyhounds, and reading trashy historical romances. My personal blog can be found here.


One thought on “About Emma

  1. Dale Reardon says:

    Hi Emma, Read your post on the Disability Research email list but it didn’t have your email. I tweet (@DaleReardon) about Disability issues and also have some research on using Twitter/Facebook for disseminating research.


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