The root of all this

“And it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between someone’s mismanaging her/his own energy and other people’s failure to accommodate her/his impaired energy. Even those of us who have lived a long time with chronic fatigue cannot always tell whether we are not trying hard enough or experiencing a physical/mental limitation, whether we need inspiration, self-discipline, or a nap.” (p. 26)

Susan Wendell, 2001. Unhealthy Disabled: Treating Chronic Illness as Disabilities. Hypatia, 16.4, pp 17 – 33

BRB, just embroidering this on a sampler.

Although, in genuine honesty, this paper was the first I ever read on the subject of disability, back when I was just getting interested in looking at my own disability, and the quote above made me grin and go “someone else gets this! And if they can be a proper academic, so can I!”


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